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Direct questions about Credit Card Convenience to your Customer Service Representative.


Registering a Card on Pestweb

How to Sign Up and Register

New Credit Card Security & Convenience

Univar has changed credit card processes to keep you safe from credit card theft and fraud. Your action may be required to update credit card info in the Online Store.

Credit card theft and fraud is predicted to increase in the U.S to $6.4 billion in 2018 for online or call-in transactions, nearly double from 2015.* We have also heard from customers looking for a more convenient way to do business with Univar whether calling in orders at the ProCenter or coming in and using credit card readers – saving time and providing additional security.

As a result, Univar is changing credit card handling effective January 17, 2019. If you presently are authorized to make purchases on behalf of your company we have provided the resources below that show how you can input your 16-digit credit card number into Univar’s Online Store “My Wallet.” Doing so will also enable you to conveniently call in orders to the ProCenter.


Note: You must have a PestWeb account AND be authorized to access the Online Store in order to make these changes. If you do not have access to PestWeb you can sign up here. Access to Univar’s Online Store will require approval by your company’s business owner or manager.


How to Login through the Online Store

To access the Online Store, you just need to:

1.) Go to, or, click PRODUCT on the top navigation menu, then select ONLINE STORE. 

2.) Log in with your 
PestWeb login ID and password

You're all set!